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The Properties India
The Properties India made history in becoming India's first comprehensive
real estate magazine.  Everyone who is interested in real estate would have
a copy of this magazine.
The magazine is designed to benefit the buyers,  sellers,  brokers,  infra-structure developers, real estate  professionals, financers, raw-material suppliers, and bankers and even those seeking ideas of decorating their offices and homes.
At The Properties India we provide a unique platform for all real estate professionals to come together.
Builders, Banks, Promoters,Architects, Structural Engineers, Advocates, and the common man will all have a say in this magazine.
We also cater to our countrymen who work and reside abroad. We understand the unique problems faced by NRIs who want to invest in India. Each of our
issues will have a feature that will directly address NRI related issues on real estate.

We will not only use the internet as our tool to interact with the NRI community, but have designed a distribution system by which we can reach our printed publication to them quite easily.