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Have you been given a raw deal with your property?

Is your bank charging you with hidden expenses?

Who is dirtying your city & locality?

What can a real estate agent do that you can't do yourself?

Who must pay the fee for the buyer's agent?

What should every property buyer know before buying?

What is the most important rule for house hunting?

What should you consider before you start puting money on your dream home?

Do you feel you have been cheated while investing in property?
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Mr. Santhosh Lal (12:00 AM, 17-Aug-2011):
we are happy that the properties india magazine launched with great spirit and promoting real estate across the world.

Jonas Smith (11:12 AM, 13-Jun-2014):
This article gives the light in which we can observe the reality. This is very nice one and gives in depth information.

Nishit Singh (05:21 PM, 19-Aug-2012):
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jack sparrow (07:08 AM, 20-Apr-2011):
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Debanshu Dey (12:10 PM, 13-Nov-2013):
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(04:42 AM, 28-Aug-2010):
What is the way to foresee your property value after 5 years? Is it govt plan? or resources availability? or industrialisation or what else???

Mr.Sushil Jajodia (07:03 AM, 27-Aug-2010):
Locality : Shakespeare Sarani......The future of Kolkata from my point of view isn’t that great. Development can only happen if we have a peaceful industrial system and work culture. I don’t understand how can work happen if we don’t have political and labour peace. We have all the raw materials and labour but there can only be scope for industrial development if political establishment is good and well maintained. Real estate has a great future and if industry develops real estate will also improve.