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The Power To Bargain

For an average Indian buying a property is still the elusive milestone of their life. Since you put in a major part of your life's savings into buying a property you have a lot of considerations before you finally decide that you are going for it.

We live in a country where real estate rates are the highest in the world when you compare it with the per-capita income of an average individual.

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Bulk Buying - Your Advantage

The Properties India has ventured to make this important decision of yours simpler, secure, rewarding and hassle-free. We at The Properties India are initiating a buyer's forum which will provide our readers with valuable inputs on when to be ready for their next big investment.

Unlike most real estate portals our property search is not limited to certain areas, projects or developers and of course also the benefits of commercial mileage from the sales are entirely yours. We are only a medium which facilitates the handshaking of our patrons both the buyer as well as the Builder.

Who Can Be A Bulk Buyer?

Anyone who intends to invest in a property, multiple properties or a part of a property can be a bulk buyer. Today every real estate seller is in the lookout for bulk buyers and you as our reader can be a bulk buyer too!

Like any investor, a builder's primary objective is to secure his investment. Although the real estate prices generally rise, many factors contribute to a downturn and property prices can come down. The quicker they can liquidate the project the more they can save on the interest for the capital invested. That is precisely why a builder is willing to discount his project rate if he sees a sizable deal. The same does not apply to a single deal as it comprises a miniscule fraction of the entire project cost and hence does not appeal to the seller commercially.

Less Marketing Costs

Marketing costs are quite sizeable in the real estate market. When a project is sold at the initial stage through a bulk purchase, the builder saves on the marketing expenses and thus you can get a better bargain.

The Game Changer

The Properties India through this initiative is building a forum of our readers and followers who have their own set of preferences and budgets. The forum will bring together buyers who have interests in same or similar projects. Effectively you get the advantage a bulk buyer will get.

Based on your inputs we will be pre-informing you of the projects most suitable for you so that you can get maximum price advantage on any given project. Since we will be referring it to you we will be taking utmost care to inform you of the quality, convenience, amenities, pros and cons of the project.

You Power Of Information

The Properties India will keep you updated with regular letter, emails, SMS and Phone calls about the projects that best suit your interest. We not only keep you informed about the new project but we also guide with the processes of a real-estate deal. Through our magazine we keep you aware about the latest developments in the real estate laws, techniques, and trends.

We have a panel of experts whose advice you can seek on all matters pertaining to real estate.

Register for Bulk Buying