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About Us  

SAAT Technologies Pvt. Ltd. was established by a group of enterprising young people from various backgrounds. We have renowned journalists, architects, engineers, lawyers and ex-govt. servants in our management board.

The company has been formed with an intension of bringing the real-estate buyers directly to the builders by de-mystifying every aspect of real-estate deals. This will avoid the middlemen and traders thus making clear waters for the both the buyers and builders. SAAT Technologies Pvt. Ltd. envisions a real – estate market where genuineness and quality will be promoted through public awareness.

The Properties India magazine published is just one of the many ways the company wants people at large to be aware of real estate sector. We have also been doing road shows in various cities educating people about quality constructions and their rights. A strong research team does continuous market study on the real estate industry.

The NRI community are often does not invest in India owing to lack of awareness about the quality real –estate. We want to promote genuineness and quality so that more NRI investments can be brought into the real-estate sector. We will reach the NRI community not only through the website but also directly to them through NRI clubs and association in their respective countries of residence.

The company will be bringing out publications from almost every major city, across the country, in the near future to spread the real estate awareness. We also have an informative web portal where people can download real-estate related information.

Our panel of experts not only help buyers understand every aspect of buying and selling property but, also deciphering govt. plans and policies for the builders

O ur Vision:
  1. Improve quality of living and work space by greater awareness.
  2. To make real estate affordable.
  3. Promoting quality and genuineness in the real estate sector.
  4. Educating consumers of their rights related to buying, selling or renting of property.
  5. Promoting energy efficient and eco-friendly construction.
  6. Bringing in cost effective construction and designs.
  7. Promote Environment Awareness and environmentally aware construction.
  8. Give people a greater voice to remove ambiguity in real estate laws and regulations.
  9. Make cities in the country more liveable.
O ur Group Company: