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Mr.Rajkumar Agrawal is a renowned architect based in Kolkata. He has designed many large complex projects, shopping malls and commercial buildings. Mr. Agrawal has been a practicing architect for over 10 Years.


Mr.Ajay Goyal is a chartered accountant and a tax consultant. He is a seasoned practitioner and gives great advice on planning your investment and expenditure.


Mr.Vishal Jain is an advocate in the Calcutta High Court who specialises in real estate. Mr. Jain has been in this field for almost 10 years and is an expert on legal matters related to property and real estate.


Mr.Rana Mukhopadhayay is a senior advocate at the Calcutta High Court. Mr. Mukhopadhayay specialises in the criminal affairs. He is a renowned lawyer, and has been practicing for over 10 years.


Mr.Anup 'Bobby' Dalmiya is a renowned realtor based in Kolkata. He is the founder secretary of RECA Kolkata and had been a member of NAR-India executive committee in the past. His vast experience and training has made him a successful realtor.